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How Can Counselling Help

Counselling is a supportive talking therapy, focussing on nurturing the client’s unique sense of self to promote increased emotional and mental wellbeing.

You may be experiencing difficult life circumstances, relationship problems, feeling stuck in old patterns, struggling after a traumatic event, wanting to cope better with everyday stresses, or hoping to understand yourself better at a deep level. Perhaps you don’t yet know fully why you are considering counselling, and would like to explore this further with a kind and trusted professional. You are welcome here.

The counselling process offers you a way forward through personal growth and self-awareness. The counselling relationship provides a safe, confidential space in which you can unburden yourself and explore your emotional needs. Here, you will be respected as an individual, accepted without judgement, and encouraged as you move towards your personal goals in therapy.

There are many different theories behind and approaches to counselling. At our initial consultation, I will discuss with you how I can tailor my approach to meet your needs and best help you feel comfortable to begin the process of change with me.

Client Issues

I have experience working with the following specific issues / experiences, but the list is not exhaustive, so please feel free to contact me and enquire if you do not see your experience below:

Anxiety, Abuse, Anger management issues, Addiction, Bereavement and loss, Body dysmorphia, Compulsive Behaviours, Culture shock, Confidence, Depression, Drug and alcohol dependency, Eating disorders, Existential crisis, Fibromyalgia, Issues relating to gender identity, Lack of meaning, Loneliness, Low self-esteem, Narcissistic Abuse, Porn addiction, Post-Traumatic Stress, Problems at work, Rape and sexual abuse, Relationship / marriage issues, Religious / spiritual crisis, Self-harm, Sexual problems, Sexual identity issues, Shame, Stress.